Amazon Goes After Dropbox, Google, Microsoft With Unlimited Cloud Drive Storage


Last year, Amazon gave a boost to its Prime members when it launched a free, unlimited photo storage for them on Cloud Drive. Today, the company is expanding that service as a paid offering to cover other kinds of content, and to users outside of its loyalty program. Unlimited Cloud Storage will let users get either unlimited photo storage or “unlimited everything” — covering all kinds of media from videos and music through to PDF documents — respectively for $11.99 or $59.99 per year.

And those who want to test drive it can do so for free for three months.

The move is a clear attempt by Amazon to compete against the likes of Dropbox, Google, Microsoft and the many more in the crowded market for cloud-based storage services. It’s not the first to offer “unlimited” storage, but it looks like it’s the first to market this as a service to anyone who…

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The Mt.Gox Arrest Is The End Of The First Age Of Bitcoin


The former head of bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, Mark Karpeles, screwed a lot of early adopters. It is unclear at this point how much Karpeles allegedly lost or took, but the Japanese police are claiming he lost about $387 million while Mt. Gox was in business.

While his inept management was inexcusable – according to Japan Times Karpeles apparently added millions in bitcoin to a live server in order to “test” some software – Mt.Gox was emblematic of the first age of Bitcoin. It was a lawless, wild, and often ridiculous age full of odd characters and even odder behavior and I’m glad it’s gone.

In Nate Popper’s Digital Gold you won’t find anything like the traditional silicon valley success story. There are no garages, only IRC rooms and forums, and the only thing linking the early tech pioneers and folks like Karpeles and his ilk was server social anxiety. In…

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Airfares will drop to record lows this fall


A Justice Department investigation into airline collusion, sinking fuel costs and softer demand could push domestic airfares to record lows next month.

The price of an average round-trip airline ticket will slip to $244 next month, about 5% lower than the same time last year, according to a new forecast by Hopper, a Montreal-based company that analyzes airfare data.

Prices will will average about $249 through the end of the year. That’s about 2.8% cheaper than in 2014 and 6.8% cheaper than in 2013. All told, fares haven’t been this low in at least four years.


“Typically, prices will fall during the latter part of summer before stabilizing in the fall and early winter,” explains Patrick Surry, Hopper’s chief data scientist. “Since this summer was cheaper than last summer, we expect prices to remain lower than last year through the rest of this year, returning slightly closer to normal…

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Real Life or Fantasy?

great article on #PriestHolmes, the great #fantasyfootball player ever and his life now

NBC SportsWorld

SAN ANTONIO – The greatest fantasy football player of them all wakes up in the middle of the night. He has lost all feeling in his arms; he can’t move them. He lies on his bed, stares at the ceiling and patiently waits for feeling to come back.

Priest Holmes talks to himself while he waits. Talks to himself. “Come on arms,” he whispers to his arms. “I’m bigger than this injury,” he says to his mind. “I’m stronger than what’s happening to me,” he says to his body. When the feeling comes back, it comes slowly, a few centimeters of life prickling at a time, and once all feeling returns he gingerly gets out of bed. There is no more sleeping this night.

Understand: This is not one specific night. This is every night, every single night since the day he retired from the NFL five years ago…

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Nine must-subscribe fantasy football feeds

most of these are under the radar sources but they’re very informative #fantasyfootball

The Hazean

You can get your fantasy football news from anywhere these days. Big television networks like ESPN, Fox and CBS offer fantasy coverage before, during and after games on Sunday and beyond. The internet is crawling with fantasy football information, leagues and advice from those television networks and other major publications. It is hard to pick up a magazine or newspaper without seeing some kind of fantasy advise or advertisement.

It can be a lot to handle as a fantasy owner, young or old. The information overload is so great it can drive fantasy owners to the brink of disaster. Well, maybe not that far, but the amount of information available can numb an owner to the point of fantasy apathy.

With all that in mind, I spent the majority of this season weeding out the good fantasy information from the bad. It took a lot of work and a lot…

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